Old Mans’ Game

“A bowl of soup for me and one for my friend here.” The look of fear and distrust on her face bothered him. He had offered many of these kindnesses over the years. Even though Connor was not rich he was better off than most. “Sorry, do I know you mister?” Her attempt at courage failed; frightened rabbit. “No. I am Connor.” He tilted his head and placed his right hand to his old chest; an old greeting of custom but one that he had always done. “Then we are not friends.” “My mistake young lady. I was only trying to be friendly.” The soup arrived steaming hot, and smelling of pork. It had been over one hundred years since the last animal had died, but they had been told this is what pork smelt like. “Have the soup and my apology.” With that Connor moved back to his table. He knew that he had her now, she would make him wait then join his table. It took longer than he had thought, but the girl had come over. “Hi. My name is Hannah. Sorry I was so rude, but I am just used to guys trying to take advantage.” She had her sweetest face on, with bright eyes and a beaming smile. They were all so predictable. Flash a smile, and maybe some skin and the men would forgive them murder. “It’s fine, dear. I am Connor. Would you like to join me?” In the opposite seat she dug into the soup. It was clear she hadn’t eaten in a few days; all too common nowadays. The corporation made sure there was not enough for everyone; scarcity puts the price up. “Have you been in town long, Hannah?” The question caught her off guard. “No! I got in today. I’m just looking for a place to crash before I head to my friend’s up-town.” The lie was well practiced, rolling of her tongue with ease. “There are some decent places around here; not expensive and mostly clean. Though I wouldn’t stay here. Too many dodgy, drunk guys. If you know what I am saying?” He could see her mind running through all the options she had. It was clear that Hannah had not a penny to her name. So finding a bed meant finding the least repulsive man to bed. Connor, although by far the oldest, was the cleanest and his pleasant demeanor and sweet granddad face made him the best choice. Most of the guys in this place had the rough road look about them. Never judge a book by its cover. “Thanks for the tip. Do you live around here?” Her voice dropped seductively, while her ample chest tilted forward to give a full view. Connor had seen this so many times before; Hannah had made the choice to bed him. Old, nice and harmless. Plus, he properly wouldn’t last past a BJ. These desperate girls were all the same.


Eternal Debt

Icy winter fog swirled about his feet. Frost bite had long ago taken all feeling, leaving his legs almost as numb as his heart. The sky was cresting the old oak trees that stood guard; its light pale and without warmth. Turning toward the sound of cracking branches, he spotted the fleeting movements of another; the grounds keeper going about the morning rounds. Life went on even if he didn’t want to. The still of this morning would not last and with the new day, pain and death would stalk the world.

Even the birds knew life was off, their morning songs silent. Unnatural and cruel, it was hunting him now; black, soulless eyes following his movements, fingers frozen into claws waiting for the right moment. The soil at his feet was freshly opened, bits of torn wood and the smell of decay. This one was old and she would be hard to kill.

The Gods cursed him to this life of fixing the balance. Hades would be watching to see if he paid his debt. With a deep sigh of soul crushing burden, he set off to meet his fate.


Darkness holds me, its icy hand wrapped around my heart.

Cold burns me, its trembling hands burn my soul.

Fear stalks me, its shacking hands cut my skin.

Pain fills me, its unrelenting hands enclose me.

Light comes from “I love you daddy.” To be followed by the darkness “Until she knows you.”

Warmth comes from holding hands, only to fade with the loss of the touch.

Courage comes from a job done, but the faults bring fear.

Relief comes from family, but if I lost them?

Changing Times Part 2

Part – 2


Blue red lights flashed and sirens filled the darkening sky. The high pitch scream rattled her very core. The beast darted away into the shadow and was gone. How close was that? The creators had saved her at just the right time, but for how long? They stayed hidden, locked away.

Day past into night and she kept her vigilant watch. The cool air and light breeze comforting in these troubled times. In the distance she heard it, faint and soft but it there. It was a song. Why were the creators singing? What were they singing? Was it a goodbye to this world?

Slowly it built, its melody full and passionate. Those creators that had hidden away in her and others around burst forth and broke into song. It was happy and proud, a song of victory. Hope burnt in her, filling the very walls with a joy. They would stay and all would be right again.

Why they had hidden away mattered no longer, only that they would be back.

Changing Times

Stoically standing guard over the deserted world, they had seen much in their long life. But not this strange time. They had watched armies march in proud lines, heard the cries of new life, seen lovers meet and stood as time stole youth and innocence. This was different though, never had this change happened. The powerful, unstoppable force of the creators had been blunted.

All the old ones where scared, they whispered of the end, the prophecy. The day that the creators would leave and the world would end. Was this it? Had the creators met their match? She was not sure, and the fear of not knowing was the hardest. She was old compared to the short lived creators being 50 years old. Still a child when you talk about the oldest. He was over 2000 years old!

He had seen more than any other, wars, death, and more creators than could be counted. In times like this he counselled that we need calm. The creators had always been and this was just a slight change. Things would be right again soon.

What was that? It had four legs and was covered in brown fur. It looked like a dog but bigger and meaner. It was coming her way, no stay away! Help me creators save me from this beast. Deep growls and sharp claws this thing was coming to end her.


I hope you enjoyed my little bit of writing.







life. Step by step death walked towards her.


Fire burnt in his eyes, and his stare bore into the heart of my soul. He was angry again, and again it was for something I hadn’t done. Fear had paralyzed me, rooting my body to the spot. All I could do was watch with dreaded anticipation as he stormed towards me. He was still in his short sleeve work shirt and dark grey trousers. The light is reflecting off his gold watch and thick necklace that hung in his sweat-matted chest hair.

I am punished for what I am not.

My heart leaps as I see him pick it up. The long wooden ruler, with its evil bend and hellish lash, I will not be able to walk tomorrow. I can smell his aftershave now, one day I will wear a scent just like him. His superman strong hand grab me in the same rough way, he always has. At times I wish he would hug me, and tell me just once that he loves me.

Tough love grows strong men.

I can feel his legs tremble with rage and vibrate against my chest. The ruler sings that familiar song; the air rushing passed it on its painful arch. The first strike is always the worst; I never know when it will hit. I learnt early to relax if you clench the pain is ten times more intense. After the initial strike he will fall into a rhythm. Twenty-three that is the number of times he will hit me. Each one will hurt less than the one before.

I can drift off to a world where I am the son he wants.


Peace and Love



A life time

Hi everyone,

Here is another story that I have been working on. I hope you enjoy it.

The rough skin on the back of her hand was cold. Paper thin skin made him too scared to rub warmth back into them. His frail fingers combed the last tufts of her pitifully thin white hair. All that was left of once blond locks, it miserably clung to the top of her head. Her face once smooth, unblemished now sagged.

To his eyes she had more beauty today than it had been the day he had first seen her, over 75 years ago. Each line and wrinkle on her aged and worn face had come from a life shared together, it is a medal that cannot be worn without earning. Uncountable crows’ feet were a testament to all the smiling and laughing she had done. Even in the hard times they had found a way to laugh.

Her breathing was shallow and weak; it would not be long before she left him. Droplets of his tears fell on her chest as they ran unashamedly down his face. With each tear a memory of their life spent together flowed back to him.

The day he saw her on the beaches of the Galapagos Islands, as she sat drawing a seal, and the day he had proposed as they stood in the rain, the birth of their children, her battle with cancer, the loss of their son, good memories and bad filled his mind, reminding him of a lifetime spent with his other half.

The doctors said she was in no pain, that she would just sleep now and never wake up. He wished with all his heart that for one last time he could look into her sapphire blue eyes and be lost in their wonder and majesty. His ears longed to hear the magical sound of her saying his name.

The intrusive drone of the heart monitor announces her passing, as the last of her life slips away so does his strength, his weary head, rest next to her lifeless body as he closes his eyes and fell into the darkness.

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Peace and Love


Grannies tale – Land of the long white cloud

With each step this unknown beast came into shape. It stared to take the form of a human. Well at least she wasn’t the only one here. Now what it friendly it could be one of the Pharaohs guard, or that strange man that helped her escape, or a native. Each one of those possibilities offered an upside but also a massive down side. She would have to wait and hope that her luck held out.

The last few feet and the human shadow reached out its hand, pushing through the final branches. Then before her stood her attacker, mud covered and looking tired.

He locked eyes with her before continuing his march down the beach.

“So, you are finally up? Did you have a good sleep princess?” His tone was surly, and his face had a cruel look to it.

“Was I out for long?” Ronda put on her sweetest voice

“A couple of hours longer than me. I could hear your snoring from all the way in the forest.

“Do you know where we are? Or when we are?”

“I think I know where, but not when. This place looks a lot like the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. I spent heaps of time there growing up. As to when. I can only guess. Though I’d say it’s at least 1500 years in our past.”

“What makes you say that?”

“The Maori were the first people here and this is where they landed. So…”

“That makes sense.” The thought that they were here all alone was reliving and terrifying.

“I saw a picture of the Bay of Islands for in a book once. Beautiful place. And this kind of looks like it.” Ronda had fallen in beside this man as they mad there way to the water.

“I never got your name you know?”

“Brian.” He kept walking towards the water, as he got closer Brian stared to remove his cloths.

“What are you doing!”

“I am hungry and there are mussels right there.”

“Only if your right about this being New Zealand.” Brian just smiled at her as he removed his pants. Throwing them to the sand he strode off. Ronda was left to watch his tanned, powerful form. Her eyes were drawn to the toned muscles of his back, legs and his tight bum. What are you doing? She pulled her eyes away and busied herself folding Brian’s cloths.

The sands started to warm up with the rising of the sun, its soft rays highlighting the beauty of this place. It was were she would love to retire, or somewhere like it. Thinking back to her life in the future Ronda remembered the over crowded tower blocks, that had been her home growing up. In that world there was no private place, you eat, sleep and shit on top of your neighbor.

Her mother had been a working girl, and so the tiny studio apartment that the family lived in, had been an almost constant stream of men walking in and out. This had driven Ronda to a better life. Every hour that she could was spent in study and practice. It had payed off, the government had picked her to be part of their special school program.

“You could have gotten some fire wood.” Brian’s voice cut through her day dream.

“Sorry I didn’t even think to do that. I will go now.” Ronda jumped up and took off to find

Peace and Love


some wood.