Fire burnt in his eyes, and his stare bore into the heart of my soul. He was angry again, and again it was for something I hadn’t done. Fear had paralyzed me, rooting my body to the spot. All I could do was watch with dreaded anticipation as he stormed towards me. He was still in his short sleeve work shirt and dark grey trousers. The light is reflecting off his gold watch and thick necklace that hung in his sweat-matted chest hair.

I am punished for what I am not.

My heart leaps as I see him pick it up. The long wooden ruler, with its evil bend and hellish lash, I will not be able to walk tomorrow. I can smell his aftershave now, one day I will wear a scent just like him. His superman strong hand grab me in the same rough way, he always has. At times I wish he would hug me, and tell me just once that he loves me.

Tough love grows strong men.

I can feel his legs tremble with rage and vibrate against my chest. The ruler sings that familiar song; the air rushing passed it on its painful arch. The first strike is always the worst; I never know when it will hit. I learnt early to relax if you clench the pain is ten times more intense. After the initial strike he will fall into a rhythm. Twenty-three that is the number of times he will hit me. Each one will hurt less than the one before.

I can drift off to a world where I am the son he wants.


Peace and Love




A life time

Hi everyone,

Here is another story that I have been working on. I hope you enjoy it.

The rough skin on the back of her hand was cold. Paper thin skin made him too scared to rub warmth back into them. His frail fingers combed the last tufts of her pitifully thin white hair. All that was left of once blond locks, it miserably clung to the top of her head. Her face once smooth, unblemished now sagged.

To his eyes she had more beauty today than it had been the day he had first seen her, over 75 years ago. Each line and wrinkle on her aged and worn face had come from a life shared together, it is a medal that cannot be worn without earning. Uncountable crows’ feet were a testament to all the smiling and laughing she had done. Even in the hard times they had found a way to laugh.

Her breathing was shallow and weak; it would not be long before she left him. Droplets of his tears fell on her chest as they ran unashamedly down his face. With each tear a memory of their life spent together flowed back to him.

The day he saw her on the beaches of the Galapagos Islands, as she sat drawing a seal, and the day he had proposed as they stood in the rain, the birth of their children, her battle with cancer, the loss of their son, good memories and bad filled his mind, reminding him of a lifetime spent with his other half.

The doctors said she was in no pain, that she would just sleep now and never wake up. He wished with all his heart that for one last time he could look into her sapphire blue eyes and be lost in their wonder and majesty. His ears longed to hear the magical sound of her saying his name.

The intrusive drone of the heart monitor announces her passing, as the last of her life slips away so does his strength, his weary head, rest next to her lifeless body as he closes his eyes and fell into the darkness.

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Peace and Love


Grannies tale – Land of the long white cloud

With each step this unknown beast came into shape. It stared to take the form of a human. Well at least she wasn’t the only one here. Now what it friendly it could be one of the Pharaohs guard, or that strange man that helped her escape, or a native. Each one of those possibilities offered an upside but also a massive down side. She would have to wait and hope that her luck held out.

The last few feet and the human shadow reached out its hand, pushing through the final branches. Then before her stood her attacker, mud covered and looking tired.

He locked eyes with her before continuing his march down the beach.

“So, you are finally up? Did you have a good sleep princess?” His tone was surly, and his face had a cruel look to it.

“Was I out for long?” Ronda put on her sweetest voice

“A couple of hours longer than me. I could hear your snoring from all the way in the forest.

“Do you know where we are? Or when we are?”

“I think I know where, but not when. This place looks a lot like the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. I spent heaps of time there growing up. As to when. I can only guess. Though I’d say it’s at least 1500 years in our past.”

“What makes you say that?”

“The Maori were the first people here and this is where they landed. So…”

“That makes sense.” The thought that they were here all alone was reliving and terrifying.

“I saw a picture of the Bay of Islands for in a book once. Beautiful place. And this kind of looks like it.” Ronda had fallen in beside this man as they mad there way to the water.

“I never got your name you know?”

“Brian.” He kept walking towards the water, as he got closer Brian stared to remove his cloths.

“What are you doing!”

“I am hungry and there are mussels right there.”

“Only if your right about this being New Zealand.” Brian just smiled at her as he removed his pants. Throwing them to the sand he strode off. Ronda was left to watch his tanned, powerful form. Her eyes were drawn to the toned muscles of his back, legs and his tight bum. What are you doing? She pulled her eyes away and busied herself folding Brian’s cloths.

The sands started to warm up with the rising of the sun, its soft rays highlighting the beauty of this place. It was were she would love to retire, or somewhere like it. Thinking back to her life in the future Ronda remembered the over crowded tower blocks, that had been her home growing up. In that world there was no private place, you eat, sleep and shit on top of your neighbor.

Her mother had been a working girl, and so the tiny studio apartment that the family lived in, had been an almost constant stream of men walking in and out. This had driven Ronda to a better life. Every hour that she could was spent in study and practice. It had payed off, the government had picked her to be part of their special school program.

“You could have gotten some fire wood.” Brian’s voice cut through her day dream.

“Sorry I didn’t even think to do that. I will go now.” Ronda jumped up and took off to find

Peace and Love


some wood.

Grannies tale -Forgotten memory

Painful light clawed into her eyes. Doing its best to bore to the back of her skull. Ronda lay still and waited for the pain to subside. The ground under her was soft and cool. A lite breath of air touched the skin of her legs blowing up her dress. As her mind cleared, she sat up and looked around. She was on a beach, of black sand. The sun crept over the horizon. The first of it rays touching a rough and rugged landscape. Strange trees climbed impossibly high into a white cloud sky.

What happened? They had been running from the guards. That was right, then? What? She drew a blank. Her body ached and protested as she forced herself up. Best find out where she was. Walking along the coast Ronda started to marvel at this place. It looked completely untouched by human hands. Climbing atop of a large rock she had a better look.

She found herself in a large bay. The far coast was a line of thick tree cover. Coming closer she could see the water was clear and blue with an amazing amount of fish. Up the black sand lay plant litter and seaweed, but none of the man-made trash she was so used to seeing. Off to the left she could see a large group of sea lions.

The beach ran up to a small grass covered dunes. There light brown a stark contrast to the dark and forbidding gloom of the thick forest behind. This was a place that foreign to her yet somehow familial. The bay with its dotted islands and these massive tresses jogged some memory that she just couldn’t quite get hold of.

Movement from the forest drew her eyes. A shadow was heading out of the gloom towards her. Fear touched Ronda, as she searched for something to defend herself with. Laying on the sand between her and the on coming shadow sat a fallen tree branch.

Leaping from her rock, Ronda sprinted over the dark sand, leg pumping and heart racing she push her sore and tied body. I must reach that branch. It was the only thought in her mind. The seconds stretched into eternity.

Shaking hands grabbed the hard, cold wood pulling it up and over her right shoulder.

Peace and Love


Eyes fixed on the shadow Ronda waited.

Granny’s tale – The meet

Sorry for the long time between posts, everyone. I have been working on my book. Here is some more of granny’s tale.

“I am going to remove my hand now. Scream and I will kill you.” The voice was harsh, and his hot breath on her ear made her feel sick.

“What do you want?” Her voice sounded weak and pathetic to her own ears.

“Walk calmly with me, there is a side room, we will talk there. Don’t give me any trouble or you will regret it.” To illustrate his point, the strange man pushed the tip of a dagger to her side. Walking slowly and calmly Ronda desperately searched for a way out. Her capture had one arm around her waist holding tightly to her left hip. He used it to guide her towards the door he indicated. The dagger was in his right hand and pressed firmly against her right hip. There was no escape, and once behind the door she would be out of sight and completely at his mercy.

With each step Ronda felt that a defining point in her life was coming closer. Fear boarding on panic swirled around her body. Party guests and guards ignored their passage. Nearly there, Ronda made the decision that if this was it, she would die fighting.

Through the well-made wooden door, into a darkened room. In the few shards of light that made it through the door before her attacker closed it, Ronda could see that she was now in a store room. Benches and old tables lined the walls. Dust sat heavy on them, the room was not well used.

He roughly pushed Ronda into the room and closed the door, checking to make sure they had not been seen. His back was turned, and Ronda took her opportunity. Moving with all the speed she could Ronda started to lunge at her attacker. In that moment he spun around, and Ronda’s world exploded.

Piercing blue eyes stared right into her soul. The force of a thousand hammer hits her heart. Knees went weak, palms dripped sweat and breath stuck in her throat. Before her stands a god.

It is too late to stop the momentum of her lunge takes Ronda straight at this man. Straight into his arms. She can feel them close around her waist and back, holding her body tight to his powerful chest. The warm breath that moments before made her sick, now sparked a different feeling in her.

“That was foolish girl, try anything like that again and you will regret it.” Came his voice as he pushed her away.

Lowering her eyes and looking up at him through her lashes, she asked.

“What do you want from me?”

“Not that girl. All I want from you is a way out of here.”

“What do you mean? I am a guest…”

“Shut it! I don’t want your lies. I have watched you and know you have found the time ship. I want you to take me so I can finely get out of this hell hole.”

“You are from the future?”

“I got stuck here two years ago. Now I get to go back home.”

Ronda’s mind raced processing what this man had told her. Maybe he could get her out of here. If they moved quickly, they might make it to the ship with out the guards catching them.

“OK, I will take you to it…”

“No tell me where it is. They have plans for you and that will be my distraction.”

“You mean they are going to throw me into that fire. No thank you. If you want to know were the ship is, you will have to take me with you.” Rage filled his face and he moved towards her hotheadedly.

“If you know what is good for you…”

“If I tell you I die in fire, if I don’t you hurt me then I die in fire. Not much of a choose. If I am going to die, then I will make sure you get stuck here.”

Time slowed while he thought it through. She could see him trying to workout if he could force the information out before they were found. In the quiet moment Ronda looked at her attacker again. Even though he was being an ass-hole, something about this man attracted her. This cruel attacker didn’t sit with him. He was doing this out of desperation not because of who he was. Ronda didn’t know how she knew but she did.

“Fine, you have a deal. We leave now. Do as I say when I say it. Got it?”

All Ronda could do was nod. Moving to the door, the man opened it a crack. Checking left and right, he motioned her to follow. The noise of the party was almost defeating after the quite of the store room. Moving quickly without hurrying, they made there way out the grand doorway. Down the steps and into the town without being stopped. It was only when they reached the waters edge that Ronda noticed that her shadows had followed them.

“Where is that ship?” They were almost to it now just a few steps and they would be free. Looking over her shoulder Ronda saw the guard’s brake into a run.

Grabbing her attacker/savoir Ronda yelled.


Pain exploded around her while lights danced.

Peace and Love



Granny’s tale – Sacrifice

Strange alien music rose above the chatter of over one thousand people. The grand hall of the pharaoh was lavishly decorated with fine silk hangings from ceiling to floor. Dancers and acrobats entertained the crowds.

This was the night that the Egyptian people would make a great sacrifice to the god Horas, to appeased him. The hope was he would be pleased and not visit destruction on them again. Many offerings of gold and marble statues, along with exotic spices and oils would follow the best bulls and sheep into the holly fires. It had been announced that the pharaoh had a special sacrifice to make. One that was sure to win the favour of the god.

Mingling with the citizens of this great land, Ronda was given the chance to speak with people from all walks of life. Peasants stood by builders and aristocrats. All rank and social standing had been put aside for this night. This was a time to relax and be one in the greatness of being Egyptian.

The guards still shadowed her every move and their watchful eyes un-nerved Ronda. Why did she need to be under such supervision? She felt no danger from these people. In fact, they had only two responses to her. Fear of friendliness. Ronda’s bad feeling grew as the night wore on.

The first rays of the new day climbed in the East, prompting the final offering. Hush dropped an oppressive blanket over the hall. Ronda’s flight instinct worked overtime, racing heart and sweaty palms drove her mind to look for an out. The moment that would decide her fate was fast approaching.

“Great people of the land of gods, we gather on this holy night to give thanks to our masters and offer them great sacrifice.” The pharaohs voice boomed in the still predawn air. Standing on the sacrificial platform above the fire pit. He was dressed in a white tunic that fell to the ground. Over this was a golden sash that served as his belt. On top of his balding head sat a white ceremonial hat.

“We have been chosen by the gods to rule these lands. Under their grace we have grown strong. Are enemies fall before the might of our armies.” The roar from the crowd is deafening, its power nearly renders Ronda senseless. Out of the corner of her eyes she can see her minders have felt the same effect. This is it, her moment to act. Without another thought Ronda slips deeper into the crowd, past drunken yelling men and women. Time dragged, and her heart raced, each touch from the people she past sent a shock of terror through her worn body. Just a few more meters and she would be free.

Strong hands fell on her shoulder and engulfed her mouth. With one quick movement Ronda found her feet off the ground. Just like that all hope of escape was gone. Her body rocked with sobs as she was trapped awaiting the death that was sure to come.

Peace and Love


Granny’s tale – Betrayal


The steady snap of the large hand fans filled the moon light room, were she lay Ronda could see the star filled night sky through a small square window. The last week had been one of the best of her life. They had been confronted by the armies of the Egyptian Pharaoh. The sea of gold white and silver had been intimidating and she had felt almost naked in this tied of men. After an awkward few minutes of been stared at by a thousand hungry eyes that set her skin crawling, the general had taken them to see the Pharaoh, and he had given them a room and slaves to honour them. Phil had told the Pharaoh that they were the God’s emissaries and must be let go. All this did was have the man child kept in the palace. He was going to throw a big celebration with singers, dancers and a great sacrifice to the gods, and so they must stay for that.

Having slaves wait on them hand and foot troubled Ronda deeply; the thought that another human being could be owned disturbed her. Phil on the other hand did not seem to mind at all as he went about giving them orders, and the looks he gave the girls disturbed her, he reminded Ronda of a hungry dog staring at a juicy ham leg and it troubled her more.

Climbing out of bed Ronda got dressed in her freshly cleaned cloths. She had decided that she would make her way to the Pyramids to finally have a look at them being built, then she was going to slip away and try and make it back to the tour ship. She wanted to get out of here before she could do too much damage to the time line.

Something told her that Phil would want to stay for the celebration, but she thought that was a bad idea. The indecision on what to do weighed on her mind. It was not unheard of for travellers to stay in a time, but it was a crime. She couldn’t force him and to tell Phil the plans would risk him trying to stop her.

Over the last few days Ronda had started to get a bad feeling about being in the Pharaohs palace, it was the way people looked at them as they went by and the hushed whispers and interrupted conversations that made her uneasy.  Phil put it all down to an over active imagination and just shrugged it off, but Ronda knew something was going on.

The walk along the wide corridor of the place allowed Ronda to take in the splendour the white marble floors that were spotless the pristine sheen was a stark contrast to the colour filled walls that had thousands of hydrographs. The depiction the gods and the pharaohs were each one expertly carved into the wall; few places she had been had been so breath taking to behold. Ronda found her way to the grey stone path that lead out to the pyramids and wondered along admiring the precision with which each stone had been slotted together the skill of the workers was truly remarkable.

The great pyramids themselves were amazing and Ronda was struck by the fact that such a simplistic design that was anything but simple to build. Sheer brute manpower and human will had created these marvels. At over 480 feet high this mammoth building was an awe-inspiring sight that left Ronda feeling decidedly small and insignificant. The newly finished pyramid was more impressive than the aged relic she had visited before leaving on this trip.

Sitting on the banks of the river Ronda was painfully aware that she was being watched. The pharaohs men followed her everywhere, they had been told it was for their protection from there adoring fans. The fear filled eyes of the few people that she saw told Ronda she was being lied to.

Searching her surrounding, Ronda tried to work out were the time ship and bridge could be. When the time came, she didn’t want to be running the wrong way with the pharaoh’s guards giving chase. Things had a different look and feel after the mayhem of there first night. Ronda was sure that the time ship was docked in the river bend to her right. Planning out her root, Ronda felt her nervous fraying something bad was coming and she didn’t if she could escape it.